Full Back Office Computer and Magnum Epos Software

A full computer consisting of a base Unit with windows 10 and Magnum Epos Software, a 15”-19” screen, a keyboard and a mouse.

Choice to add a single line scanner

This is mainly used to avoid disturbing sales staff whilst working on the EPOS till serving customers. All information Is transferred in real time.

Magnum Epos Software Only

If you have your own EPOS Till system and do not want to buy another Till, that’s fine, we could provide you with our Magnum Epos Software on your own machine and provide Software Cover (please see Support Page).

Linked Card Terminal Through Payment Sense

Want a link between your POS Software and card terminal, we have one. Via Payment Sense, We have linked our Magnum Epos Software to work on a payment sense card terminal directly, Speeding up the process. Payment sense aim to provide the best service and will try to beat or match your current existing deal.

Linked Scales

We have Linked scales to our Magnum EPOS Software, making weighing and pricing fruit and veg easy. Enter Price per Kg and our Magnum EPOS Software does the rest.

58mm Thermal Printer (can be Com port or USB) in Black

Prints thermal receipts and labels. Thermal printing so no need for ink cartridges, ribbons etc saving you money 90mm/s fast printing speed with light indicators.

80mm Thermal Printer (can be Com port or USB) in Black

Prints thermal receipts and barcoded labels. Thermal Printing so no need for ink cartridges, ribbons etc saving you money. 300mm/s fast printing speed with light indicators, also has an auto cutter

Honeywell USB Orbit MS7120 Barcode Scanner (in Black). 1D Scanner

This is an aggressive omni-directional laser barcode scanner and is one of the industry leaders. It is lightweight, rugged, small in size and BIG in performance.

Symbol LS9208 Multi-Laser barcode Scanner 1D

This scanner has a high-performance processor with an innovative 100-line omni directional scanning pattern, Increasing productivity and scanning. Can also be changed to 1 line when needed. It is lightweight, small in size and BIG in performance.

12v or 24v Cash Drawer with 8 coins and 4 notes tray

This is the most common in the retails and hospitality environment. Compact size and room saving. Brackets are available to fit under the counter at an extra cost.

12v or 24v Flip Top Cash Drawer with 8 coins and 4 notes tray

This type of cash drawer is fitted into your counter and the lid swings open hence the name Flip Top. It is Heavy Duty and a space saver.

Zebra Label printer

GK420d Currently being used. The customer buys a coloured thermal roll and inserts into the printer. The printer then prints correctly the information onto the label printer. This should be a must for all shop keeps to make their shop look nice.

Loyalty Card Software

We can add our loyalty card software to our Magnum Epos Software. What does this mean? It means that every time a customer has his card scanned, they are gaining points and in return, money on their card, which they then can reclaim at a later date. This is very popular amongst our European shops. This is a great way for customers to keep returning to your shop as you are providing them with benefits that other shop owners/shop keepers do not.

The Handheld Terminal APP

This is a handy app that you can download on your apple or android device which links directly to your till where ever you are. You can view your stock levels and add to stock levels when buying from cash & carry or by just walking around the shop. You can change a variety of fields using this amazing app and make life a lot easier.